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Brenda Watson in lab coat

Brenda Watson, CNC

Founder of Vital Planet
Digestive Care Expert

Pioneers in Natural Digestive Care

Vital Planet’s sole purpose is to help everyone achieve optimal digestive health for better overall health. Through education and innovative product solutions, our team of natural digestive care experts has helped millions address their occasional gut issues for the last 25 years.*

The founder of Vital Planet, Brenda Watson CNC, is an expert in digestive care, and the inspiration behind all product formulations. She’s spent her career carefully listening to issues related to the gut and addressed them through educational lectures, bestselling books, PBS television specials, and social media.

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Traveling with probiotics2-main

Traveling with Probiotics

I’ve been thinking a lot about summer travel lately. There are a number of products I recommend traveling with, but if I had to narrow it down to just one,...

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Happy man with phone

Specific Probiotics for Men

Today I’d like to talk specifically about probiotics for men. Even though men and women share most of the same physiological functions, of course, there are distinct differences. Interestingly, they...

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Mandy's Mission to Mend Hearts

Hi, my name is Mandy. I passed away a few years ago as a result of a mitral valve disease. Today, I could be saved using a surgical procedure developed in Japan and perfected by a wonderful doctor – Masami Uechi.

My loving parents are determined to bring this life saving surgery to the University of Florida where Dr. Uechi will be working with Dr. Simon Swift.

Dr. Uechi and Dr. Swift are dedicated to making this surgery available so that all dogs do not have to experience the results of this disease.

Please give generously today. Thank you.


Mandy's Mission to Mend Hearts

Clicking the donate now button will take you directly to the University of Florida’s website where my non-profit foundation has been established.

Your contribution is tax deductible. Together we can bring Dr. Uechi to the University of Florida and save lives this year.

100% of your contribution goes towards bringing Dr. Uechi to the University of Florida and help dogs with mitral valve disease.