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Stay Healthy While Traveling

It’s summer and any vacation can quickly become a nightmare when illness strikes one member of the family and spreads to others. The worse experience I ever had was being sick in a hotel bed while the rest of the family explored Disney World. Unfortunately, illnesses spread quickly in the summer due to overstuffed airplanes, lack of immunity from new places, changes in weather and diet and hotel room germs. So, one of the most frequent asked questions family doctors get is “How do I stay healthy during summer vacation.” Here’s Brenda’s top tips staying healthy while traveling.

  1. Avoid that comfortable aisle seat on planes. According to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention, passengers sitting in aisle seats were more likely to be exposed to an outbreak virus. One reason is because people walking up and down the aisle—many coming back from the bathroom – have a tendency to grab on to the top of the aisle seat for support, thereby spreading germs from the bathroom.
  2. Get more sleep than usual.  It’s difficult when you cross time zones to get your normal amount of sleep.  Changing time zones will disrupt your circadian rhythm and lead to a compromised immune system.  Try avoiding alcohol and caffeine for the first few days as your body adjusts to your new sleep pattern.
  3. Stay active and hydrated. Laying on a beach for 5 days may be good for your anxiety but it’s terrible for your health. Take a daily walk of at least 15 minutes to explore your new surroundings. Stay hydrated, especially if you’re drinking alcohol.
  4. Double up on your probiotics at least a week before you travel. Changes in diet, location, and weather can all lead to constipation, bloating and other digestive health issues.  Building strong immune and digestive health before you start your trip will help you fight off bad bacteria that can lead to illness. 

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