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Breed Profile – Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi -

Quality Breeders will most likely ask the questions, “So why a Corgi? And, have you ever had or know anyone who had one?”

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi can come in all sizes and colors (most commonly red and white and tri-colored). This breed looks like he is always smiling which gives this sweet dog the reputation of being the happiest dog breed. You’ll also notice a definite wiggle upon walking, making them irresistibly cute to potential pet owners.

The Corgi was first brought over by the Vikings and later bred for herding cattle on farms. Today a Corgi also makes a great apartment dog since she seems to only bark when someone knocks on the door; great for protecting the home front. A Corgi’s enthusiasm often results in jumping enthusiastically when greeting visitors and bouncing like a little pogo stick until the desired attention she loves is received.

Shedding is an issue any potential Corgi owner should be aware of. About twice a year the Corgis’ fur comes out in clumps to make way for their new coat. Regular brushing is especially helpful at these times.

The maximum weight of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is 25 lbs. They tend to be short in height, less than 14” tall.

The Queen of England had five Corgis, however, they are all gone at this point. The Queen’s last Corgi passed away earlier in 2018 at age 15. Their lives must’ve been one long happy party at Buckingham Palace – lucky pooches!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Although the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the more common Corgi, the Cardigan (Cardis) Welsh Corgi. known for herding cattle possesses a deceptive speed and grace, and has a sweet pleasant disposition that makes them great companions. Cardis are somewhat bigger at a maximum 34 lbs. Unlike Pembrokes that do not have tails, Cardis do wave their tails proudly and have a big dog bark. Their coloring can range from red and white to the popular blue-merle pattern. They also thrive on mental stimulation and physical activity.

Care Tips for a Corgi:

Corgis are a fun dog for kids and adults. It’s important to keep in mind that they need play time outside and lots of brushing. A Corgi would rather jump in a puddle than walk around it like some dogs. Playtime consists of running, jumping and play-fighting with other dogs.  Happy and social, they always have lots of love to give to their humans.

Domestic Corgis are generally not the type of dog to run off and hunt, but they do like to herd their humans when given the opportunity. A Corgi owner shared that at her daughter’s birthday party her Corgi would organize all the kids together to sit down and listen to whoever was talking.

Beware, they love their kibble and treats so overeating can sometimes be a problem. Overall, Corgis are considered by many to be the best little companions you could find anywhere!


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