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CALM Saved Our Vacation!

Calm saved our vacation

Yes, Calm Really Did Save Our Vacation

You probably read that title and thought “Yes, maintaining a calm attitude as the kids are crying in a new environment is sometimes a miracle! – good for you!”.

However, that’s not what I’m talking about in this blog. After all, I’m posting from Vital Planet Pets and I have a true story to share about a family that was able to use Calm to save their vacation.

Dogs next door

The story begins like this; my friend James took his wife and children on a vacation to the mountains. They rented an Air BNB in a lovely cabin community with fenced yards and beautiful vistas of the mountains. After a long enjoyable day hiking and swimming, the family returned home as the sun was setting.

The renters next door had left their big dogs in the backyard while they were away. As soon as James pulled into the driveway, everyone noticed the dogs barking – loudly. They would not stop. They were literally barking constantly.

Of course, James and his wife soon walked next door to speak with the dog owners and ask that they bring the animals in the house, or quiet them in some way. The owners of the dogs were not at home.

The barking continued. After an hour of the racket, James’ nerves and those of his wife were totally frayed. Then James had a bright idea! He had some Calm in the car that he had purchased to help relax his own small dog on the car ride north.

He got out the bottle, went to the fence and tossed 4 tablets toward the barking animals. They chewed up the tabs with enthusiasm! He had been told that if the first dose of Calm didn’t create more peace in a dog within 5 minutes that he should offer some more. The dogs were still barking 5 minutes later, so James tossed another 4 tablets that were eaten immediately. James knew that Calm is non-toxic, you can’t overdose your pet with the product, so he wasn’t worried about any issues happening to the dogs from consuming too many of the relaxing tablets. Also, the dogs were huge, and Calm is to be dosed per pound!

It took 5 more minutes and 4 more tablets, again eaten happily – and finally, a wonderful silence that actually lasted through the night was achieved! The dogs just laid down and rested, and so did the family.

The same scenario presented the next evening. Again, the dogs were barking constantly, their owners nowhere to be found. Thank goodness James had a fairly full bottle of Calm. He offered more tablets to the dogs until they finally relaxed. Interestingly, although the dogs were still in the yard on the final night of the vacation, they didn’t bark, so no Calm was necessary. Perhaps the dogs were suffering from separation anxiety and had finally relaxed into the situation? Who knows. By the way, James never did meet the owners of those unruly dogs.

I’ve heard many happy stories about Calm to do with dogs who are relaxed in thunderstorms for the first time, perhaps behaving normally on a car ride or at the vet’s office, even having less stress when their guardian leaves for a long day of work,  but none quite like this one! Perhaps the moral of this story is “Don’t forget Calm on your next vacation, whether or not you have a dog!”

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