Enjoy a Calm Dog on New Year’s Eve!

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Here come the fireworks – the New Year is upon us! As the clock strikes midnight, noisemakers and horns will blare along with booming sounds overhead. These days many devoted pet parents dread the boisterous celebrations on behalf of their terrified four-legged companions!  Let’s explore how you can enjoy a calm dog as you welcome in 2019!

A Much Appreciated Safe Space

Your dog may know and love your guests the rest of the year. However, as your party escalates, the number of people and level of excitement may become overwhelming for Fido. Additionally, New Year’s Eve is noted for fancy clothing and champagne glasses. You don’t want broken glass or torn dresses initiated by your hyper pet derailing your new year festivities. 

Consider creating a “safe space” for your pet if you’re looking forward to boisterously welcoming in 2019 in your own home. Use this strategy even if you’re heading out to a party and your four-legged companion will be home alone.

  • Some pets feel very safe in a crate.
  • A television program or music playing in a well-insulated room in the house may be relaxing distractions for your dog or cat as festivities begin.
  • Bring in some favorite toys for canine fun and games.
  • Be sure and give your pet lots of love before you head off to enjoy your party.
  • If you’re home, check in occasionally through the evening with a dog treat and big hugs.

We offered some good tips for enjoying safe holidays in our recent blog. Check it out here.

A CALM Dog = Peace and Well-being for All!

There is a natural herbal product called Calm that is both effective in relaxing your pet, and also entirely safe to administer to dogs of all sizes and ages. You can find it as a powder that is easily mixed into food and also as a tasty tablet. It literally works wonders in easing anxiety for your companion! Your dog will thank you!

Additionally, here in Florida, we have widespread thunderstorms which frighten our furry buddies, so consider giving Calm not only on New Year’s Eve but whenever your pet may experience stress caused by weather events, vet visits, car rides and even when the grandkids come to visit. Keep Calm available at all times in your cabinet. 

If your dog will be alone, perhaps you have a friend who your dog knows and loves who might come and stay at the house, or perhaps a pet-sitter you’ve used previously? A familiar human in the house will many times greatly decrease your dog’s stress level.

At Home with the Family at Midnight

Generally, we all know that dogs like to snuggle up as close as they can get to their guardians at stressful times. Petting your dog, being present and communicating with a loving tone can make all the difference in the world in his/her calm dog behavior.

If you don’t typically have your dogs in the bedroom with you, perhaps you might make an exception on New Year’s Eve, at least until startling sounds relent.

With just a little forethought, welcoming in 2019 can be a relaxed time for both you and your beloved pup.

Happy New Year!