Good health starts in the gut. This is where the battle for vibrant health begins. The digestive systems of dogs and cats require a diet consisting of High Fiber, Omega-3 Oils, Probiotics and Enzymes to function at peak-level performance.

The Ultimate Health Secret

The #1 problem our pets face today is that they aren’t getting the nutrition they need from the dead food they are fed out of a bag or a can.

With this in mind, proper supplementation is the best way to ensure they are getting the vital nutrients they need each and every day.

Vital Health

Health is a continuum, with optimal health at one end, and toxic overload, which may result in poor health, at the opposite end. Optimal health, for both dogs and humans, is a dynamic process that is always moving in one direction or the other on this continuum.

A proactive approach is required to achieve optimal health regardless of where your dog’s well-being may be located on the continuum today. Pet parents who have dogs that seem to be in good health are less likely to believe or recognize how important it is to take preventive measures such as cleansing (detoxification) programs or adding digestive enzymes and/or probiotics to their dog’s diet.

Dogs who are on the decline toward chronic health problems are usually in pain. Medications may alleviate obvious symptoms, but the jubilant wellness of your pet may not return as easily. Often owners will simply believe their dog is “getting older”. Time after time, when you support and restore digestive health, overall vitality can be regained to any degree! The benefits of a lifelong natural maintenance/prevention program can offer many years of health and happiness to your beloved pet, and save you a fortune in vet bills.

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High Fiber - Omega-3 Oils - Probiotics - Enzymes

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H.O.P.E. and more:

I realize that you may be completely overwhelmed with all of the options that are available to enhance canine health found in the local pet store or health food store. So, to simplify the choices, I’m going to explain why I highly recommend six options that I believe are the foundation of nutritional health:

High Fiber – (prebiotics) A balance of soluble and insoluble  fiber.

Omega-3 Oil – Essential fatty acids containing both EPA and DHA.

Probiotics – Contain at least 10 species of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria and at least 20 billion organisms per serving.

Enzymes – Potent digestive enzymes formulated specifically to support the dietary needs of canines. These enzymes are needed to support the proper digestion of the protein, fat, and carbohydrates found in a typical canine diet.

More – Vitamins and Herbs – there are many nutritional supplements and herbs that have very beneficial health properties for dogs.