Introducing Vital Planet’s

The Complete Probiotic+ Formulated To Support Specific Health Needs

Intense Care Probiotics+

  • Customized Formulations. Four unique formulas. Each designed to support a specific health need.*
  • Powerful Potency with a blend of 65 billion live probiotic cells and over 60 diverse strains per capsule.
  • Targeted Support. Includes a precise selection of probiotic strains backed by clinical studies that demonstrate benefits in other areas of the body.
  • Complete 4-in-1 Formula. Contains all 4-Biotics: prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics and parabiotics for comprehensive support.
  • Enhanced Absorption. Acid resistant capsule designed to enhance delivery of living probiotic cells to the intestines.


How the 4-Biotics work

The 4-Biotics are important elements your body naturally creates as a result of the healthy functioning of your digestive process. These elements are: prebioitcs, probiotics, postbiotics and parabiotics.  Intense Care can help boost the production of the 4-Biotics and provide additional support for a variety of health issues.
1.  As you eat, metabolic processes are triggered in your body. The food travels down the esophagus into the stomach. This is our mixing bowl. Here, powerful acids and enzymes break down the food into a soupy mixture.
2.  As the soupy mixture leaves the stomach it enters the small intestine. This is the nutrient extractor.  It takes about 2 to 6 hours for the small intestine to extract most of the nutrients from the soup. 
The extraction process is where the 4-Biotics come into play. 
3.  Probiotics are good bacteria residing primarily in the small intestines. You need lots of them.  Some probiotic strains are more effective at alleviating digestive issues, while others may boost immunity or support vaginal health.  Therefore, having a variety and abundance of strains is associated with better health outcomes.
Probiotics need certain foods like asparagus, apples, garlic and other foods high in soluble fiber to survive and prosper. These foods are known as prebiotics. They act as fuel for the probiotics. Since different probiotics strains like different kinds of prebiotic food you need a variety of prebiotics.  As probiotics feast on prebiotics, they churn out invaluable substances known as postbiotic metabolites. Postbiotics are quite varied, but they can be broken down into 4 main types:
Short chain fatty acids (such as butyrate, propionate and valerate) promote colon health, aid in insulin sensitivity, and exert neuroprotective effects on the brain and nervous system. Additionally, they fuel the growth of cells lining the colon wall. This lining keeps pathogens from “leaking” out from the digestive track into the blood stream.
Amino acids serve as the building blocks of proteins vital for muscle health, hormonal balance, and neurotransmitter functions.
Anti-microbial peptides are crucial for keeping the microbiome clean and warding off harmful bacteria that could disrupt the gut function and precipitate illness or disease.
Essential vitamins such as B12, K and folate. Vitamin B12 facilitates red blood cell production, supports nerve health and aids in DNA synthesis. Vitamin K contributes to blood clotting and bone strength by facilitating bone mineralization. Folate, also known as Vitamin B9, plays a pivotal role in DNA synthesis and cell renewal.
These postbiotics play a critical role throughout the body including the colon, vaginal channel, small intestines, the brain and more.  
4.  Parabiotics- The Immunity Guards
Probiotics in your gut eventually expire for various reasons. These expired or “inactive” probiotic cells are called parabiotics. They were once viewed as a waste byproduct of the digestive process. However, recent medical research has determined that parabiotics actually play an important role. They deliver health benefits such as helping to calm inflammation, boosting immunity, and providing antioxidant protection. They are our immunity guards that  have the ability to signal and communicate with the body’s natural immune responses to quickly fight or address any threats or dangers. 
5. The Large Intestine – The Waste Management System:
After the small intestine has extracted all the valuable nutrients, what’s left travels into the large intestine, also known as the colon, our waste management system. Here waste is gathered and turned into a solid stool. The colon then contracts, pushing waste towards the rectum and eventually out of the body through the anus. 
Vital Planet’s Intense Care line of Probiotic+ is a complete formula containing all 4-Biotics to support your overall health. You get complete coverage with high potency and high stain counts.

4-Biotics Digestive Diagram

Chose A Probiotic that’s formulated to support your needs.

  • 65 Billion cells from 64 diverse probiotic strains
  • Support digestive, immune, vaginal & urinary health*
  • Helps maintain a healthy & balanced vaginal microbiota*
  • With key targeted clinically-researched strains:
    L.rhamnosus HN001, L.rhamnosus CA15 & L.acidophilus La-14
  • More lactobacillus probiotics to support women’s health*
  • 65 Billion cells from 65 diverse probiotic strains
  • Support digestive & immune health*
  • Support occasional gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort and cramping*
  • With key targeted clinically-researched strains:
    B.lactis HN019 & Synbio L.rhamnosus IMC 501 with L.paracasei IMC 502
IntenseCare Colon Contipation
  • 65 Billion cells from 66 diverse probiotic strains
  • Support colon, digestive & immune health*
  • Promote regular, healthy bowel movements & help ease elimination*
  • With key targeted clinically-researched strains:
    B.lactis Bi-07, L.plantarum DR-7 & Synbio L.rhamnosus IMC 501 and L.paracasei IMC 502
  • More bifidobacteria probiotics for colon support*
  • 65 Billion cells from 66 diverse probiotic strains
  • Support digestive, immune & brain health*
  • Supports healthy cognition, focus, mood, stress & emotional balance*
  • With key targeted clinically-researched strains:
    L.plantarum P8, L.paracasei Lpc-37 & Synbalance L.reuteri PBS072 with B.breve BB077