Boost Your Immune & Digestive Health with Dragon’s Blood Capsules

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Discover the rejuvenating powers of this ancient extract responsibly farmed from the croton lechleri trees in the Amazon rainforest.
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"This stuff is the real deal. I take it once a day and it really helped by GI issues. Maybe it’s just me but my skin looks better too."
Aniko A, Manhattan Beach

Unlock the Power of Dragon’s Blood Capsules

Unlock the Power of Dragon’s Blood Capsules

Anti-Aging Health Benefits

High ORAC value provides protection against free radicals.

Supports Skin Health

Dragon’s Blood has been used for centuries to soothe and support healthy, glowing skin.

Soothe Your Stomach

Time-tested to support healthy digestion. Enjoy your meals without discomfort.

Embrace Natural Remedies

By choosing our natural products, you're making a posiThtive impact on your health and the environment.

What Makes Our Dragon’s Blood Superior?

Vital Planet

Leading Retail Brand

Product Form Capsules with superior absorption rates Liquid, powder, or oil with lower absorption rates
Source of Resin The sap of the tree The bark of the tree
Purity Testing Done for every batch Varies by company
Resin Origin Exclusively from the Peruvian rainforests Mostly China & Indonesia

Alcohol-free and unadulterated botanical resin extract

98% soluble resin extract

No artificial colors

Easy to swallow

Pure & natural

Explore The Dragon’s Blood Journey

Dragon's Blood is an ancient health supplement and antioxidant that has been used for centuries. Vital Planet sources the highest quality Dragon's Blood resin the Croton Lechleri trees growing in the Amazon rainforest in Peru.

The collection process is sustainable and minimally invasive, involving an incision made in the tree trunk that does not damage the tree.

Vital Planet’s Dragon’s Blood contains Loureirin compounds and is tested rigorously for purity. Each batch is carefully inspected to ensure that only the highest quality product reaches our customers.

5 Reasons To Start Taking Dragon's Blood Today

  • 1Get optimal benefits with just one capsule per day
  • 2 Enjoy improved skin elasticity, immune support, and a healthy digestive system.
  • 3 Affordable and convenient at only $0.66 per capsule.
  • 4 Easy to swallow and consistent dosage in each capsule.
  • 5 Pure and natural. No artificial additives or messy liquids.

Supercharge Your Well-being with Our Exclusive Bundle

Take your wellness journey to new heights with our powerful bundle, combining the extraordinary benefits of Dragon Extract with the exceptional support of Vital Flora Immune Biome Probiotic.

Dragon’s Blood Resin Extract

Vital Flora Immune Biome Probiotic

Here’s how Vital Flora Immune Biome Probiotic can further improve your health:
Enhance Digestive Support:

Maintain a healthy gut and improve digestive balance.

Reinforce Natural Immunity

Strengthen your immune system with 60 billion live cultures.

Mushroom Power

Benefit from the synergistic effects of 7 carefully selected mushrooms.

Prebiotic Nourishment

Fuel the growth of beneficial gut bacteria with 7 prebiotics.

Maintain a healthy gut and improve digestive balance.

Strengthen your immune system with 60 billion live cultures.

Benefit from the synergistic effects of 7 carefully selected mushrooms.

Fuel the growth of beneficial gut bacteria with 7 prebiotics.

Rediscover Natural Wellness with Dragon's Blood

Health enthusiasts have looked to Dragon's Blood for natural healing for centuries. This crimson-red resin, believed to possess transformative properties since ancient times, has been passed down through generations and used to treat various health problems.

Today, its powerful healing potential is recognized by science, and studies have shown that it has the potential to support overall well-being, digestive health and enhance skin health.

At Vital Planet, we honor the ancient wisdom of Dragon’s Blood and bring it into the modern era with our Dragon’s Blood Capsules. By incorporating this traditional medicine into your daily routine, you can unlock the power of nature and enjoy renewed vitality and wellness.


For every bottle of Dragon’s Blood purchased, $1 is donated to “Rainforest Trust,” a non-profit organization working to save 3.8 million acres of the Peruvian Amazon and stop deforestation.

Experience Vital Planet
A Trusted Name in Digestive Health and Well-Being

For over 50 years, our founders have been crafting the highest potency, all-natural supplements and digestive aids, nourishing health and wellness for individuals worldwide. Led by New York Times best-selling author and PBS health and nutrition expert Brenda Watson, we have become a foremost authority on digestive health.

In addition to delivering the highest quality all-natural supplements, we are dedicated to giving back to the community and environment. Our in-house hydroponic garden produces fruits and vegetables that are donated to local food banks in Florida, and we proudly support Mandy’s Mission, a non-profit organization focused on curing Mitral Valve disease in dogs.

Our exceptional products have earned much recognition, featured in several PBS TV show specials, such as Gut Check: HOPE for Ultimate Health in 2023. Here at Vital Planet, we’re firmly committed to helping individuals on their journey to optimal health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vital Planet’s Dragon’s Blood is an herbal supplement derived from the extracted resin that comes from the Croton lechleri trees growing in the Amazon forests of Peru.  When an incision is made in the bark of the tree,   a reddish liquid resin is produced. Ancient tribes called it Dragon’s Blood after its color and the powerful healing powers they believed it possessed.

For many years, the indigenous people of Peru have used Dragon’s Blood to help support the digestive system, the immune system, and the health of the skin.

Dragon’s Blood is an ancient health supplement and antioxidant with a long history of traditional use in digestive and skin health.

One of the craziest facts about Dragon’s Blood is that it has one of the highest ORAC values of any food. ORAC value is a measurement of free radical protection.

According to the USDA, foods with a high ORAC value may help slow the process associated with aging in both the body and mind.

Yes, by choosing Vital Planet’s Dragon’s Blood, you are embracing natural remedies and contributing to a positive impact on your health and the environment. The sustainable sourcing and environmentally conscious practices ensure the protection of the Amazon rainforest ecosystem. The Peruvian government controls and monitors the harvesting of Dragon’s Blood resin.

Absolutely! Vital Planet stands behind the quality of its product and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, you can return the product within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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