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“I have tried cheaper probiotics with lower potency with no noticeable difference in how I feel. Then my friend recommended Vital Flora, I was hesitant due to the price, but I tried it. This is the only probiotic I will use now. It has significantly reduced my stomach pain and constipation and I just feel better. I take one nightly. I am also immunocompromised. Although you can buy much cheaper probiotics, this one is a great value, since it has higher potency and actually works!”
Heather L.

Start Your Journey to a Comfortable Life

Bloating Woes :

Okay, let's kick things off with bloating. You know, that uncomfortable, I've-eaten-three-Thanksgiving-dinners kind of feeling? Yeah, that one. Fear not,Vital Flora Women’s Daily 55+ Probiotic has your back, or better yet, your gut!

IBS – The Uninvited Guest :

Suddenly, it feels like your gut and your meal are in an epic battle? Your intestines are in a tug-of-war between diarrhea and constipation? Bring in our probiotic. A game-changer for easing those occasional IBS skirmishes.

When Energy Checks Out :

Are you more of a sloth than a cheetah? Say goodbye to those energy-zapping days. With Vital Flora, you'll be back to enjoying life, and maybe even chasing cheetahs, in no time.

Start Your Journey to a Comfortable Life

The Insomnia Chronicles :

Up all night counting sheep? Been there, done that. Let Vital Flora escort you to the land of dreams by improving your gut health. Now that's what we call a bedtime story!

Mood Swings Galore :

Are you riding the emotional roller coaster a little too often? Vital Flora is like the seat belt keeping you steady. It’s got your mood covered, and your gut too!

Weight Loss Rebellion :

When it feels like every pound is staging a sit-in protest on your belly, it's time to call in the cavalry. Vital Flora, charge!

Skin Trouble Central:

If your skin is more rebellious teenager than a dewy goddess, it might be time for a gut check. With Vital Flora, you’ll be beaming that healthy skin glow in no time!

The Science Behind Your Gut Health Champion

Harness the power of 60 billion live cultures. It's like having an army of friendly bacteria ready to protect your gut. A healthy gut, a healthy you.

The perfect variety of strains you need. With 60 different clinically researched strains, your digestive system won't know what hit it. And guess what? It's going to love it.

In our unique formula we have included lactobacillus strains to support your immunity and urinary track health and Biffido strains for colon health and functioning of the gut-to-brain connection.

With non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan ingredients, your lifestyle and diet preferences are respected. A perfect companion for your healthy lifestyle.

Convenience and effectiveness wrapped in one. No need for refrigeration, and designed for easy use. Vital Flora understands your busy life.

Unveiling the Superior Probiotic Choice

Vital Flora Probiotics

Leading Retail Brand

Potency 60 Billion Live Cultures 40- 50 Billion
Strain Diversity 60 Powerful Strains 6-12
Proprietary Strains 60 Clinically Researched 10 – 33
Organic Prebiotics 7 Organic Non-organic
Delayed-Release Capsules Yes No
Dairy-Free Yes No
Vegan Yes No

The Simple Steps to Gut Health Glory

Unleash the power of probiotics by taking one of our capsules daily. And as for timing? It can be taken at any time because our capsules are delayed release, so you’re the boss.

Mealtime is a great anchor, but if your schedule says otherwise, that’s okay too.

Keep this bottle stashed in a cool, dry place. No fridge? No problem.

Consistency is key, my friend. Make these probiotics a part of your everyday ritual. They are the multi-vitamin for the gut. 

Water isn’t just for fish! Drink plenty to aid digestion and absorption.

And, hey, while you’re at it, don’t forget to eat well, move often, and chill out – for optimal health outcomes, of course.

The Power Trio for Ultimate Gut Health

Let's talk bundles! Our Vital Gut Renew is designed to be your gut's best friend. It’s a potent mix of natural ingredients to soothe, repair and restore your gut lining. Imagine less inflammation and a more comfortable you.

Now, meet Vital Fiber, your gut's secret weapon. This premium, organic fiber supplement fuels your gut, aids digestion, and keeps things moving. Think less bloat, more energy. And zero calories. 

For every gram of Vital Fiber you take, you’re ridding yourself of seven calories. If you multiply that by 35 grams taken daily that’s a reduction of 250 calories per day… about the same as jogging 30 minutes on a treadmill.  

Together, these supplements supercharge the benefits of Vital Flora Women’s Daily 55+. They’re the wellness trifecta your body will thank you for.

Vital Gut Renew

Women's Daily 55+

Vital Fiber

For every gram of Vital Fiber you take, you’re ridding yourself of seven calories. If you multiply that by 35 grams taken daily that’s a reduction of 250 calories per day… about the same as jogging 30 minutes on a treadmill.  

Together, these supplements supercharge the benefits of Vital Flora Women’s Daily 55+. They’re the wellness trifecta your body will thank you for.

30 Day Money-
Back Guarantee


Experience Vital Planet
A Trusted Name in Digestive Health and Well-Being

For over 50 years, our founders have been crafting the highest potency, all-natural supplements and digestive aids, nourishing health and wellness for individuals worldwide. Led by New York Times best-selling author and PBS health and nutrition expert Brenda Watson, we have become a foremost authority on digestive health.

In addition to delivering the highest quality all-natural supplements, we are dedicated to giving back to the community and environment. Our in-house hydroponic garden produces fruits and vegetables that are donated to local food banks in Florida, and we proudly support Mandy’s Mission, a non-profit organization focused on curing Mitral Valve disease in dogs.

Our exceptional products have earned much recognition, featured in several PBS TV show specials, such as Gut Check: HOPE for Ultimate Health in 2023. Here at Vital Planet, we’re firmly committed to helping individuals on their journey to optimal health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s pretty mind-blowing, we’re talking about 60 billion live cultures in each capsule. It’s one of the highest potency probiotics on the market especially formulated for women over 55 years of age.

Strains are what deliver health benefits. Different strains do different things. So, if you want all the 8 essential benefits of probiotics, you need a variety of strains. The more strains, the more health benefits.

Not at all! Just place it in a cool, dry place. No special treatment needed!

This digestive aid is a mix of soluble and insoluble fibers from organic pea, flax and hemp. It promotes regularity and elimination of waste and toxins. It’s pretty much a gut health superhero.

We’ve got a 30-day money-back guarantee. We care about your happiness, not just your gut!

Vital Flora has four significant advantages: (1) Stronger potency with 60 billion live cultures; (2) higher strain diversity with 60 different strains. Science tells us that the benefits and efficacy of probiotics vary at the strain level. We need many diverse strains to be healthy; (3) It has 7 organic prebiotics.  Prebiotics are specialized plant fiber that feeds the probiotics in your gut and stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria. (4) All Vital Flora probiotics are packed in a delayed-release capsule so the probiotics survive stomach acid and reach the gut where they deliver their unique health benefits. Most retail brands don’t have delayed releases.

Absolutely! Our probiotic is non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and even vegan-friendly. If you’re unsure, consult with your medical practitioner.

It’s like the ultimate gut health trio! Alongside Vital Flora Women’s Daily Probiotic, you get Vital Gut Renew and Vital Fiber. These three work together to maximize your gut health.

It’s simple, really. Take one capsule daily, preferably with a meal, drink lots of water, and try to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Your gut will thank you for It and you’ll feel better!

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