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Make a “Healthy Dog” Your Goal for 2019!

It’s January and the perfect time to set new health goals after the holiday excess. Include “healthy dog” as a part of your New Year resolutions!

Admit it; your dog got extra treats over the holiday. With all the food around, your pet happily discovered scraps that had fallen on the floor as you prepared holiday delicacies. Maybe he even figured out how to steal bits himself. Aunt May snuck Fido food off her plate.

Perhaps there was a stocking with your dog’s name on it over the mantle, with many “goodies” inside. The kids thought it great fun to offer doggie treats as long as they lasted. Potato chips fell to the floor as the men cheered their favorite football team. Bottom line – your pet needs a cleanse and reset right along with you! You can have a detox buddy as you both return to feeling spunky and healthy.

Flora Dog to the Rescue!

Dogs benefit tremendously from probiotics (as do humans). If there’s only one product you choose to purchase for your healthy dog this year, Flora Dog would be it.

You see, the critical key to long term health and vitality is a balanced gut. When the bacterial balance in the intestine (called the microbiome) gets skewed, poor health is the result. Not necessarily today or tomorrow. It will happen down the line.

Make-a-"Healthy Dog"-Your-Goal-for-2019-Flora-Dog-Probiotic

Maintaining gut health is truly the key to ensuring a truly healthy dog. Probiotics (good bacteria) restore balance to the gut. Here are just a few other ways that probiotics support your four-legged best friend:
• Good bacteria assist in digesting and absorbing essential nutrients
• They support your dog’s immune system
• They help maintain healthy bowel function
Probiotics produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which inhibit the growth and activity of harmful bacteria, such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Clostridium perfringens
• Good bacteria support coat and skin health


We understand that you may find yourself choosing kibble or canned food as a necessary and convenient diet solution. When food is processed, as a result, critical nutrients are lost. Living Meal is a cost-effective way to bring dead food back to life. Living Meal contains probiotics along with digestive enzymes, fortified with organic superfoods like flax, alfalfa, carrot, pumpkin, turmeric, blueberry, and spinach. Just a scoop a day is all that’s needed.

A Healthy Dog Benefits from Cleansing too!

Did you realize that kidney issues are the number one chronic disease in dogs? Your canine’s kidneys and liver cleanse your pet’s body from daily exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins. Less than optimal food for your pup also stresses his organs over time. Help maintain healthy liver and kidney function and support gentle detoxification with Daily Detox. You’ll prevent sorrow in the future as your dear companion ages healthfully.

A billboard seen recently in our area read “puppies are not a present, they are a lifetime commitment.” Here at Vital Planet, we strive to support your commitment to your healthy dog with convenient and cost-effective products formulated for optimum vitality.