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Managing SIBO and SIFO Naturally – post 3 of 3

Healthy woman managing SIBO

This is our third post with the intent of educating you on the very widespread conditions known as SIBO and SIFO. At this time I’d like to discuss managing SIBO and SIFO naturally.

Quick recap, SIBO = Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and SIFO = Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth. Please check back to the previous posts to learn exactly what these conditions are and how to recognize them in yourself and others. We also discussed many lifestyle factors that can be contributors to SIBO on a daily basis.

VITAL DETOX – leading product in Step 1!

Vital Detox 2-Part 14-Day Program

Vital Detox is our 14-Day 2-Part natural herbal solution that helps you to eliminate the build-up of bad bacteria in the small intestine and colon. This product will also provide powerful, yet gentle support to your liver.

Managing SIBO and SIFO – Part 1 in Vital Detox

Part One in Vital Detox helps your liver detoxify. You’ll be taking Part One and Part Two together. It’s important to understand why these are combined.

When you kill off bacteria and yeast in your gut, wherever it is, that process produces even more toxic byproducts. Your liver is called upon to detoxify those poisons as well as whatever else it is doing that particular day for you. When the liver is overwhelmed symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, and headache can be the result.

Managing SIBO and SIFO – Part 2 in Vital Detox

Part Two in Vital Detox is a natural formulation containing oregano, thyme, clove, black cumin seed, and cinnamon leaf oils. As you now know, with SIBO and SIFO there’s a build-up of bacteria in the upper gut and also in the colon. These herbs have been proven to effectively reduce these bacteria.

We were so lucky when formulating Vital Detox. In the past, my kits were made with liquid tinctures in bottles with droppers. Oregano oil is essential in this natural solution. It is also a very difficult flavor for anyone to deal with. Often when a client would swallow it, it would repeat on them! When something tastes terrible it doesn’t create a lot of enthusiasm for continuing a program.

Please don’t fret! I found a veggie capsule that is delayed-release. What that means is our encapsulated formula will travel right through the stomach and into your intestine where it will open and do its job. And (drumroll!) it won’t repeat on us!

When the liver formula (Part One) is combined with the antimicrobial (Part Two) your liver is able to deal with toxins more effectively. As a result, in most cases, you won’t feel poorly during the detox process.

Don’t forget to read the directions!

We also include directions – please, please read them! Not only is there a further explanation of the products themselves, but also dietary suggestions to follow while you’re using the product along with Frequently Asked Questions. Should you continue to have questions about your particular situation, be sure and phone our customer support directly at 1-866-787-9001. We have extremely knowledgeable people happy to assist you when you call. M-F; 9-5 EST.

occasional constipation Vital Lax

Are you constipated?

Completing the kit is a sample of our natural laxative, Vital Lax. This is in case you experience constipation. Not everyone with SIBO has constipation – some people report diarrhea. However, if you are constipated it’s extremely important that your bowels move regularly when you are using Vital Detox. You always want to get those toxins up and out of your system.

Vital Fiber rounds out Step 1

Organic Vital Fiber is the second must-have product in Part 1 of our SIBO Solution system! This fiber helps absorb toxins and carry them out of the body quickly.

Organic Vital Fiber

Managing SIBO and SIFO – Organic Vital Fiber

Most of you have been encouraged to use mostly prebiotic fibers. Prebiotic fibers, also known as soluble fibers, have gained a lot of popularity over the last period of time. They help to feed probiotics, which are themselves bacteria.

That’s often a great idea. However, this situation with SIBO is a bit different. In this case, we have both good and bad bacteria that have overpopulated in the small intestine. We DO NOT want to nurture that situation. That’s why I’ve designed Vital Fiber which is 85% insoluble fiber, and only 15% soluble fiber.

sponge - fiber example

Insoluble fiber is like the green, scrubbing part of a sponge, soluble fiber is like the absorbent yellow part. Insoluble fiber is what is often called “roughage”. It bulks up your stool and also stimulates healthy muscular contractions to help you move toxic debris of bacteria and fungus out of your body effectively.

Organic Vital Fiber – an exceptional choice for most conditions.

Organic Vital Fiber is a combination of organic flax, pea and hemp fibers. This fiber supplement can be used whether you’re constipated or have diarrhea. It’s also the fiber of choice to ensure that your bowel movements are as efficient as possible. It provides 13 health-providing grams of fiber per serving. Most of us don’t come anywhere near to the optimal 35 grams of fiber recommended daily to support a healthy gut.

Antibiotics for SIBO?

Many people have been to a doctor and are aware that there’s an antibiotic that is prescribed for SIBO. SIBO is simply not that simple. It has been found through many studies that even when people complete the 10-day antibiotic protocol, if they don’t prolong dietary modifications and continue with natural antimicrobials, SIBO quickly returns. The human body simply requires a longer period of time to heal and rebalance after being overwhelmed by unhealthy amounts and types of bacteria and fungus!

Avoiding relapse of SIBO and SIFO

Important note: should you decide to embrace the Vital Detox program, I want you to understand that you may have to repeat the kit several times. As I just mentioned, SIBO and SIFO are not easy to deal with effectively. Both conditions are notorious for reoccurring shortly after a person returns to their previous lifestyle. In other words, relapse of SIBO/SIFO is very common.

That’s why I’ve taken this time to educate you on the microbiome, its parts, and processes. I want you to understand WHY these unbalances occur. Knowledge is power and hopefully will motivate you to stay the course to health if you find yourself suffering with SIBO.

Please share these posts with someone you know struggling with SIBO, Candida, leaky gut, or IBS. You could really change their life! You can also learn more here on Facebook. Look for upcoming posts where I discuss Step 2/Maintenance of Solving SIBO and SIFO naturally!


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