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Occasional Constipation? Read this!

Occasional constipation

For the last number of blogs, I’ve been discussing an often misunderstood and widespread condition referred to as SIBO. One symptom that often occurs with SIBO is occasional constipation.

Many people in our society don’t even realize that they experience occasional constipation, which can lead to additional digestive discomfort and issues down the road. I’d like to clarify this situation right now.

Please take note.
You may be constipated if you don’t have a “full” bowel movement daily. Stay tuned to find out exactly what I mean.

Conventional medical doctors many times consider it normal to have a bowel movement as infrequently as three times a week! Not so healthy for your body, honestly! Happily that train of thought is changing (thank goodness!).

Most functional medicine doctors and natural practitioners agree that “normal” is one to three movements daily, roughly in coordination with mealtimes. I’ll bet you didn’t realize that when your bowel and nervous system are working together properly, your colon is signaled to empty its contents after each meal.

Even if you have a bowel movement every day, you still may be experiencing occasional constipation, depending on the volume of feces you eliminate. Optimum elimination is suggested to be approximately 1 ½ feet each day. (Yes, 1 ½ feet daily!) That adds up to emptying the length of the left side of your colon (see pink and a bit of the purple area in the adjoining picture). This process may be broken up into 1 – 3 movements.

occasional constipation large intestine detailed

Eliminating poop is one of the most important actions of your day, believe it or not! When a person experiences constipation, it places a burden on your (most likely) overworked liver. With constipation, the poisons that fail to be eliminated can be reabsorbed into your body! As I’ve experienced personally, and having worked with multitudes of clients over the years, what I know to be true is “better out than in”!

What to do about occasional constipation?

If you have been aware that you have occasional constipation, it’s likely you’ve tried various remedies. I certainly did that many years ago. You see, I was constipated even as a child. However, I was very often disappointed in products that contained senna and/or cascara sagrada. These herbs, while effective, were very harsh on my system, at times creating cramping, gas, additional bloating and much unhappiness.

occasional constipation Vital Lax

That’s why over 20 years ago I combined the ingredients you’ll find today in Vital Lax. This formula helps relieve occasional constipation and assists you in achieving normal bowel function naturally. It contains a proprietary blend of magnesium hydroxide, cape aloe leaf, rhubarb root, slippery elm bark, and other time-honored ingredients. This exceptional formula is Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan & free of all common allergens!

Vital Lax is a gentle, yet effective product that conveniently works overnight to promote a normal bowel movement the next morning.

Additional tips~

I don’t know about you, but when I travel, occasional constipation can be my unwelcome companion. Think ahead and make sure to bring Vital Lax in your overnight bag. I personally even use Vital Lax occasionally to offer my colon a healthy, more thorough elimination.

Vital Lax Natural Laxative – an easy, safe, and natural way to get you going again~ Put an extra spring in your step!


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