Easy Ways To Administer
Hemp Dog & Hemp Cat

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Here are several methods that you can use to administer HEMP DOG or HEMP CAT. Below is an overview of the best alternatives that pet owners typically use.

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Place Directly Into Your Pet’s Mouth

Direct placement of Hemp Dog or Hemp Cat into your pet’s mouth is ideal because your pet will get the exact amount of the recommended dose. This is also considered one of the easiest methods. 

Hemp Dog and Hemp Cat are dosed based on your pet’s weight, so look on the box and follow the guidelines to determine the amount that is just right for your companion. Locate the proper amount on the dropper and draw up the suggested amount of CBD oil from the bottle. Then calmly approach your pet, carefully place the tip of the dropper into their mouth and squeeze in the recommended amount. Our products use a plastic dropper so that the risk of breakage in your pet’s mouth is eliminated. 

To ensure that they thoroughly swallowed everything, give them a treat after wards.

Mix With Your Pet’s Favorite Food

If there’s one thing most pets have in common, it’s that they LOVE food. That’s why dry and wet foods are highly effective in masking the texture and taste of CBD oil. Even though we have added natural, delicious organic flavoring your pet should love, like humans, they can be picky. 

It’s easy to add the recommended amount of Hemp Dog or Hemp Cat to their favorite meal. When mixing with food, start by using a smaller dose for the first few days and you can gradually increase the dose over time. It’s important to note that when you are adding the CBD oil to food, give it a few minutes so that it can thoroughly soak in, then mix the food up completely before serving.

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Cat Treats with CBD

Mix With Your Pet’s Favorite Treat

Mixing Hemp Dog or Hemp Cat with food may seem like the most effective way to get your pet to take it, but occasionally that doesn’t work. Sometimes the CBD oil doesn’t mix or blend well with your pet’s favorite food and your companion won’t eat their meal. In this situation, you can easily put on the CBD oil on your pet’s dry or soft chew treats, waiting a few minutes to soak in before serving. 

For Dogs, you can also try mixing with peanut butter since it contains oil too, making it easier to mix. Just make sure you combine the recommended dose with the appropriate amount of peanut butter. For Cats, try mixing Hemp Cat with chicken or fish that contains some natural fat which usually mixes easily with the CBD oil. 

Dry treats are also a good way to deliver Hemp Dog or Hemp Cat. Their dry nature makes them effective at absorbing the CBD oil. Just apply Hemp Dog or Hemp Cat to the treat and give it a few minutes to fully soak in, then just get to your pet as usual. 

To ensure that they thoroughly swallowed everything, give them a treat after wards.

Make Your Pet Homemade Treats

You know what your dog or cat likes best, so why not make them a treat from scratch with CBD? Just search ‘Pet Treat Recipes’ online and you’ll find all kinds of ideas!

Note: It is generally best to not add Hemp Dog or Hemp Cat to baked or cooked treats. The cooking process may lead to the evaporation of the oil and as a result, your pet may not get the full benefits.

Homemade CBD pet treats
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Put Inside A Capsule Then Inside A Treat

This one is just for canines, especially larger breeds, and one of our favorite methods of giving Hemp Dog. You can put the CBD oil into a two-piece capsule (available at your health food store or online), cover it with a moist treat, and then give it to your dog. Since treats are usually rewards for good behavior, this is a great way to have your dog associate Hemp Dog with something positive. 

This method is easy – just separate the two-piece capsule, draw up the suggested amount of Hemp Dog into the dropper, drop it into one half of the capsule, connect the two pieces of the capsule to seal the Hemp Dog drops inside, cover the capsule with peanut butter or a soft moist treat and deliver it as a treat. The capsule helps hide the taste and smell of Hemp Dog and makes the dosing convenient.  

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Precaution: We recommend checking with your veterinarian before introducing any supplements or treats to your pet.