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Pug Dogs – Mischievous, Lovable Clowns

Pug -

Quality Breeders will most likely ask the questions, “So why are you considering adding a Pug to your household? And, have you ever had or know anyone who had one?”

Pugs can be hilarious little clowns and are famous for their overabundant supply of energy. These dogs boast a sweet, comical, and charming personality – if not spoiled. This breed’s big eyes and long tongue make him or her that much more adorable. When you invite a pug to your home, you get a lot of dog in a small package with a naturally curly tail like a pig.

A Pug’s height is generally 10 to 13 inches, and his adult weight should be between 14 and 18 lbs. With love and care, Pugs can live a long and healthy 13 to 15 years.

All Pugs have cute black faces and the most popular body color of the breed is fawn. You may also see them with silver or black fur.  Their facial expressions can often appear human-like, seeming to depict surprise, happiness, and curiosity.

A Pug makes an ideal house dog. Generally a happy camper, a Pug is content in the city or country and enjoys hanging out with kids or older adult pet owners.

It’s important to remember that this breed is sensitive to climate. They can’t tolerate high heat or extremely cold weather.

They do enjoy their food, so take care to keep their weight in check. Pet parents must be disciplined and not offer too many treats, no matter how adorable their pets may be.


Care Tips for Your Pug:

  • Pugs are reported to be “shedding machines” so it’s important to brush them regularly.
  • Pugs thrive inside the house in a controlled, moderate environment.
  • These dogs exemplify big personalities in little compact bodies.
  • As puppies, they have high energy levels. Subsequently, they generally become very lazy later in life.
  • Pugs love to snuggle and have no concept of personal space, so their guardian would best be a snuggler too.
  • Pugs require lots of exercise, dedicated obedience training, and focused attention from their owners.
  • Please clean and dry your Pug’s fur folds thoroughly when bathing. Skin disorders are common in this breed.
  • A potential downside to living with a Pug is that they are gassy and they snore.

Unique Facts about a Pug:

Pugs are an ancient breed dating back 2,400 years or older. Buddhist monks originally bred these dogs in Tibetan monasteries. Many were given as gifts to Chinese Emperors and quickly became their close companions. These little dogs were treated like royalty and subsequently guarded by soldiers. Pugs were also the mascots of Holland’s Royal House of Orange, honored for saving the life of William, Prince of Orange.

Western merchants started taking Pugs to the West where they rose in popularity. Pugs have been favored by some very famous people throughout history, and are one of the most popular breeds. Pug owners range from Actress Jessica Alba, Actor Gerard Butler, Singer-Songwriter Billy Joel, and Actor Dennis Quaid.

Probably the most famous Pug today would be Frank from the Men In Black (MIB) and MIB II movies. Mushu the Pug portrayed Frank in both films. He even wore a MIB suit for the part he played working in the mail room.