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Specific Probiotics for Men

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Today I’d like to talk specifically about probiotics for men. Even though men and women share most of the same physiological functions, of course, there are distinct differences. Interestingly, they are reflected in the different types/strains of good bacteria (probiotics) found in the gut. The community of microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses) called the microbiome actually houses thousands of specific strains of bacteria which each have their own job to do. Current research has revealed that the more strain diversity present in your microbiome, the healthier you tend to be.

Subsequently, it makes sense that there would be particular strains of probiotics that align with particular physiological functions. It also becomes clear that certain of the strains would naturally be more supportive of men than women.

We here at Vital Planet focus on strain diversity research. Our goal is that each of our formulas match the most appropriate probiotic strains with our specific consumer’s needs.

Each of the men’s topics below has a common bottom line. At one level or another, each system requires a diverse population of bacteria. This bacteria community must be balanced for what we consider optimal function. Sometimes the probiotics do their work directly in the gut. In other cases, good bacteria lend support to other organs and systems providing an endless array of beneficial actions.

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IMPORTANT NOTE, MEN: In these stressful, environmentally challenging times, the best ongoing choice you can make is to help maintain your body’s bacterial strain diversity with a high potency, high diversity probiotic formula.

Check out these ways that probiotics for men are beneficial to health:

Heart Health

Cardiovascular issues remain the most common health concern for men in our society. Multitudes of studies have demonstrated the positive effects that probiotics can have with regard to supporting appropriate cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Research has even been done showing that microbial balance in the body can provide protective bacterial support to heart valves themselves!

Blood Sugar Balance

Did you realize that men more commonly experience insulin issues than women? Resultant blood sugar swings can impact your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels. Over time, this metabolic imbalance may impact your overall health. Many studies show that various strains of probiotics have been shown to help you to maintain normal blood sugar balance.

Urinary and Prostate Health

As mentioned above, when the bacterial balance is disturbed, that allows for the proliferation of “bad guys”. With regard to urinary function, when yeast or E. coli become prevalent, urinary challenges are the result. Encouraging the growth of good bacteria helps crowd out the pathogens and restore normal, healthful microbial balance. Additionally, a balanced urinary system naturally supports prostate wellness. It’s a win-win.

Hormonal Health

One pivotal function that probiotics serve is involved with the regulation of oxytocin production. You may have heard of oxytocin as the “love” hormone, providing warm and fuzzy feelings. Beyond that, research shows that oxytocin also assists in maintaining the production of testosterone in men. Additionally, oxytocin supports a healthy libido and also helps to develop male characteristics.

More interesting info. A connection between “bad” bacteria in semen and infertility has been recently studied. More research is needed however this suggests that supplementing certain probiotic strains may be able to promote healthy sperm.

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Mental Health

Your gut and brain communicate with each other constantly. The strains of bacteria that make up your microbiome in your gut both produce and metabolize the messenger signals sent to your brain. These travel via the bloodstream. That means that your gut bacteria can actually influence the messages that get to your brain. Up to 90% of the essential “well-being hormone” called serotonin is manufactured in the gut. Bottom line, your gut can impact your mood and improve feelings associated with anxiety and depression.

Additional Benefits of Probiotics for Men

As I write this post to men, I realize how I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg with respect to men and probiotics. My continued list of benefits embraces issues that impact us all – men, women, and animals too. Probiotics support:

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One further suggestion. Help your probiotics to help you!

  • Exercise – did you realize that physical activity actually boosts probiotic levels?
  • Connect with nature – our natural world exposes you to new bacteria, supporting your microbial diversity!
  • Limit exposure to antibiotics, alcohol, processed foods. These all task your microbiome.
  • Eat organic whenever possible limiting your exposure to pesticides which destroy good bacteria.

Great news here! Daily, exciting new research highlights further positive contributions various strains of good bacteria provide for us. Stay tuned!


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