Firm Stool Powder


Pumpkin, Probiotics and Prebiotics

  • For support of occasional diarrhea to help create a firm stool for good health and easy cleanup
  • Contains 1 billion live probiotic cultures in each scoop to help maintain your dog’s immunity
  • Combines 10 probiotic strains for maximum diversity and prebiotics
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Convenient Powder

Our convenient powder mixes easily with your dog’s food.

Contains Pumpkin

Contains beneficial pumpkin to support occasional diarrhea and help create a firm stool for good health and easy cleanup.

1 Billion Live Cultures

Contains 1 Billion live probiotic cultures in each scoop to help maintain your dog’s immunity.

10 Unique Probiotic Strains

FIRM STOOL combines 10 specific probiotic strains to more closely match your dog’s digestive system and to provide maximum diversity.

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Digest Dog Enzyme
Assists in the Digestion and Absorption of Essential Nutrients

Flora Dog 20 Billion Probiotic
Our High Potency Probiotic For All Dogs

Sensitive Stomach
Supports Proper Digestion


At Vital Planet, we know that your pets are more than just companions. They are part of the family and their health and vitality matters. Helping your furry family members stay healthy is our top priority. Our family owned and pet loving company is built on our commitment to quality, purity and potency.


We value our reputation in supplying the highest quality supplements for your pets. We make sure all our supplements are produced following Good Manufacturing Practices and the National Animal Supplement Council standards. We formulate our products using the finest human grade ingredients. If we won’t eat it – we wouldn’t expect your pet to either!


At Vital Planet we test all our raw ingredients for purity before and after manufacturing. You can rest assured they are free from all impurities, toxins and heavy metals. Our purity commitment also means we use non-gmo, grain-free, gluten-free and organic ingredients whenever possible.


With so many products on the market today you want to make sure you get the product your pet needs to make a difference in their health. We value our commitment to the efficacy of our formulations. Using potent levels of ingredients matters most when it’s results you’re looking for.

Brenda Watson - The Founder fo Vital Planet

“For over 20 years my mission has been to help people lead healthier lives through natural lifestyle and supplementation. Now, I am dedicating myself to helping our pets enjoy the same natural health benefits.”

Brenda Watson, Founder