Living Meal Food Topper Powder


Bring Your Dog’s Food to Life!

  • Convenient Powder Mixes Easily with Food
  • Probiotics, Enzymes and Superfoods
  • Add Living Nutrients to Your Dog’s Food
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Convenient Powder

Our convenient powder is easy to sprinkle on your dog’s food. With a simple scoop, you can add live probiotics, enzymes and a special blend of superfoods to Bring Your Dog’s Food to Life!

Beneficial Enzymes

Helping to break down food and assist in the absorption of essential nutrients, our enzymes support a healthy and natural balance in the gut.

Organic Superfood Blend

Our organic superfood blend includes flax, alfalfa, carrot, pumpkin, turmeric, blueberry and spinach.

Five Billion Live Probiotic Cultures

With 5 billion live probiotic cultures in each scoop, our blend of living, raw probiotics help maintain proper gut flora and support the protective layers of the bowel.

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