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The Gut-Skin Connection – A Must-Read for Your Skin!

Perhaps summertime was challenging for your skin. Now, for many, fall is here accompanied by blustery, drying winds, and the ongoing challenges of cold weather. Let’s explore how understanding the gut-skin connection can translate into vibrant and glowing skin year-round!

When dealing with skin conditions, most people wouldn’t think of their gut! After all, your skin is on the outside and your gut is within. However, an unhealthy gut can inflame many skin issues. Specifically, skin conditions like acne, rashes, eczema, and psoriasis are often associated. Let me explain one way that happens.

As life rolls along, both your skin and your gut are under siege daily. Summer heat and exposure can be particularly challenging for your skin, of course. And the foods you eat regularly, perhaps different drugs (over the counter and prescription), exposure to toxins, excess carbohydrates, even emotional stress (to name a few reasons) can upset your internal balance and initiate issues with digestion.

Ultimately, what we’re talking about is toxicity… with regard to both your skin and also your intestinal tract. That means that different substances begin to poison your system. The saddest part is in most cases, this happens without you even realizing it.

So what does candida have to do with the gut-skin connection?

Candida is a benign single-celled sugar-fermenting yeast. It is found normally on your skin, genitals, and especially in your intestinal tract. In small amounts, candida is an integral part of your intestinal environment. However, when your microbial community becomes unbalanced, candida can multiply out of control and mutate into a damaging, multi-cellular fungus.

Once in fungal form, the organism grows a horn-like appendage called a “rhizoid” that roots in intestinal tissues. The result is tiny openings in the gut wall. Bizarre, but true. This situation can allow pathogens, toxic waste chemicals, and other inappropriate substances access to the bloodstream from the intestine. This is commonly known as “leaky gut syndrome /(LGS)” or more technically, “intestinal permeability”. LGS is a subtle, inflammatory process that is closely linked to many digestive issues. Examples are food sensitivities, allergies, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and celiac diseases. Additionally, LGS has been associated with the skin conditions I mentioned above.

So, what can I do to reverse this situation?

Remember, at this point, we are dealing with an overgrowth of fungus. Our goal is to restore the entire gut environment to its healthier days which supported proper amounts of candida yeast, not fungus.

How to restore a healthy gut-skin connection.

Change your diet.

Almost without exception, when I speak with a person who suspects they have candida issues, they have a diet high in carbs like rice, potatoes, sweets, and/or sweet fruits and drinks, which is what causes the candida overgrowth initially. You must eliminate these foods completely to experience success in rebalancing your internal environment. There are many excellent low carb diets available these days. Be prepared to follow your chosen program for several months. Always remember, candida loves carbs!

Easy, effective tip – Allow 5-6 hours between meals. Avoid eating within 3 hours before bed. New research has shown that eating too often and before going to bed impair your intestine’s ability to move your food through the digestive system effectively.

Remove, Rebuild, Restore your gut!

Step One – Remove the overgrowth of bacteria/fungi in the small intestine with herbal antimicrobials. Look for a formula that contains oregano oil, thyme, clove, black cumin seed oil, and cinnamon that effectively kill that fungus. There are also pharmaceutical prescriptions that address candidiasis, but I have found that natural avenues tend to work very well.

Step Two – Rebuild your intestinal lining that has become damaged. Vital Planet offers a product called Gut Renew – this innovative formula contains:

  • 6000 mg of L-glutamine amino acid – feeds and helps to renew the intestinal lining
  • N-acetyl glucosamine – acts like the glue to keep the intestinal barrier strong
  • DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice), aloe, marshmallow and ginger – soothes the digestive system from one end to the other

Important practical tip – be sure and take Gut Renew 15 minutes before eating anything, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Step 3 – Restore your natural healthy bacterial balance.

After completing Step One, introduce a high potency and high strain diversity probiotic designed to address your most critical needs. Vital Planet has formulated a number of excellent options that provide 60-100 billion cultures along with 60-100 unique bacterial strains per capsule and 7-10 prebiotic sources that help your natural bacteria to thrive.

Directly pamper your skin.

Address your skin directly with topical options. Easy to find at any health food store, I’ve discovered that these 2 products offer good results when used as a part of a total program as I’ve described.

Nutra X-Zema Ultra Relief MSM Cream

Derma-E Psorzema Cream

Now that your understanding of the gut-skin connection has greatly improved, it’s my sincere hope that these steps and suggestions will assist you on your path to glowing, healthy, and vital skin all year long!

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