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Tips To Grow Constipation Sales

  1. Draw Attention. Brenda Valen, owner of Gulf Coast Nutrition, emphasizes the importance of removing the stigma associated with using weight loss drugs. She makes constipation solutions easily accessible by featuring them on end caps and using product displays highlighting natural products that address this condition.
  • Educate. While doctors commonly recommend high-fiber diets, increased water intake and traditional laxatives for constipation, there’s a need to educate both HFS staff  and customers about natural treatments. There are drawbacks to mass marketed laxatives containing harsh ingredients like senna (Senokot) and cascara sagrada that can cause stomach pain.
  • Recommend. Digestive care expert Brenda Watson, C.N.C., stresses the importance of addressing the root cause of constipation to prevent its reoccurrence. “Unfortunately, 1 out of every 10 people experiencing constipation will have it reoccur within weeks after the first occurrence” cites Brenda. “It’s even worse for people taking the new GLP-1 weight loss drugs like Ozempic, Mounjaro and Wegovy who deal with constant constipation” 

Brenda has developed a three product protocol she calls the “Release, Remove and Restore Solution.”  It’s a comprehensive approach comprised of:

  • Vital Lax. A natural laxative made with magnesium hydroxide, slippery elm and aloe vera that hydrates and cleanses the bowel. Since it’s free of hash ingredients like Senna and Cascara, it doesn’t  cause cramping. 
  • Vital Fiber. Made with organic flax, pea and hemp fiber. It helps to soak up waste and toxins released by the colon. It also adds bulk to stools.
  • Vital Flora Advanced Biome Probiotic.  Once you’ve lubricated the bowel and released waste from the body, you need to take measures to rebuild a healthy gut microbiome. You do this with one of our strongest probiotics — Advance Biome. This has 100 billion cultures and 100 different strains. It rebalances the gut so constipation is less likely to reoccur.