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Vanquish Holiday Digestive Issues!

Digestive issues seem to rear their ugly heads most intensely around the holidays. Crazy schedules, lots of party appetizers, “gifts” of sweets and cookies, and well-intentioned feasts filled with rich, fancy dishes assault our abilities to digest our food – from top to bottom!

In the past, there were times when I felt I needed my own Santa’s sack filled with remedies to mitigate all the unpleasant symptoms that can show up, for me and/or for those I care about.

Today, let’s simplify and soothe with an easy, portable, mild-tasting wonder remedy, I’d like to share with you my super-hero for handling all manner of digestive misery. High-quality probiotics to the rescue!

Please journey with me down your digestive tract and we can identify plaguing issues that occur from your mouth through your intestines!  

Digestive Issues may begin in your Mouth

Do you hide your mouth, distance yourself from others and attempt to cover up sour breath with various mints, gum, and spritzes (or should you)?  To sweeten your breath and decrease gum irritation daily, open a capsule of probiotics and swish them around in your mouth. Take the opportunity to gargle a bit. It’s just fine to swallow these helpers once your mouth feels cleaner.

And please remember to chew your food thoroughly. Digestion of carbohydrates actually starts right in your mouth.

Discomfort may arise from your Stomach

Top to bottom of the digestive canal

Heartburn is no one’s friend! Unfortunately, in our society, the most common way to deal with that awful feeling tends to be acid-blocking medications, such as “the little blue pill”. Yes, they seem to work quite well initially, relieving symptoms. However, lowering acid in your stomach actually sets you up for chronic disease processes. SIBO, gas and bloating and ulcers are a just.few conditions you may recognize. Stomachs are designed to withstand acid, and in fact, the acid that is supposed to be there protects the rest of your digestive tract from bacteria and viruses entering. It also establishes the environment so you’re able to properly digest your food as it enters your intestine.

Did you realize that the majority of Americans actually have too little acid in their stomachs rather than too much? FYI, the terrible sensation tends to be the same.

Do your overall health a giant favor and open a capsule of Vital Flora’s Ultra Daily high potency probiotics. Stir them in a few swallows of water and use them to relieve your symptoms naturally. Don’t be afraid of “too many probiotics”. The more the merrier (seasonal reference! 🙂 in most cases. Probiotics are so much more than symptom relievers. For example, they help to digest food, create vitamins and restore your intestine back to functioning properly.

Digestive Issues created in your Small Intestine

Gas and bloating are rampant this season too! This annoying pair can be both uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. A certain trigger for these symptoms in many people can be eating sugary foods on top of large protein meals. I can hear what you’re thinking – “well what about dessert?” You can opt for willpower, and request a to-go box of goodies (for a friend of course, haha!). You can “just say NO!”. OR if your sweet tooth overcomes your desire for comfortable digestion remember to reach for your trusty probiotics. In this instance, make sure you’re taking a probiotic formula that has a delayed-release capsule which will ensure those fabulous nutrients make the journey intact all the way to your small intestine like these. Probiotics have the reputation of quickly quieting aggravating gas and bloating!

So now we reach the Large Intestine/Colon

Completing our voyage down your digestive tract, we enter the large intestine, commonly referred to as the colon. For many, the final next-day (or sooner) digestive result of holiday festivities can be either diarrhea or constipation. Perhaps the most well-known reason to include probiotics as a daily part of your health protocol is the positive impact they have on this intestinal area. Probiotics are known to rectify some of the most vicious diarrhea situations. They can also help to create normal bowel movement when constipation occurs. They can help to restore balance to your internal environment that has been disrupted by a bit too much partying and stress.

Often if you tend toward the large intestinal challenges, I suggest a product with extra Bifidobacterium, like Adult 55 Daily Probiotic. Don’t be put off by the name. Distressed colons at any age will benefit from this fine product. Bifidobacterium is the prevalent probiotic of the colon, and there can never be too many of these amazing warriors. As with small intestine issues, choose a delayed-release capsule. It’s important that the good bacteria are able to make their way safely to your large intestine.

Yes, probiotics are helpful in all these areas, and again, they have many more protective functions that are far beyond the scope of our holiday blog.

My important gift for you today is – carry probiotics with you wherever you go. Use them freely and give them away. Let these super-heroes help heal and soothe digestive holiday issues wherever you may be!

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